Fire two houses away from mine....

on easter,a house just two houses away from me was destroyed by fire.. It is the fire in the picture...

I heard the sirens, looked out my back door and saw it a few minutes before it was as bad as it is in the pic.

the fire started about 10pm on easter - by 10:15 it was almost as bad as in the pic. when i saw it i grabbed taz's carry cage and put it by the cage hes in and put the leash on the dog in case i had to leave my house -

i did have to leave and i was REALLY glad i didnt have to go searching for taz's cage - that would have been a disaster because I kept his carry cage in an inconvenient place. when my family had to leave i didnt have to go looking for the dog or her leash - i kept her around me as soon as i saw that fire.

im mentioning it cause i decided i would now keep taz's portable cage on the shelf under his regular one - and the dogs leash on a hook by the door.

if this happened when i was asleep i wouldnt have had the time to prepare.... i thought i would pass it on in case anyone wanted to think about making a plan for their own pets. One cat I believe did die in the fire, sadly...someone said they thought she got out but she hasnt been seen

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Tazzy bookmarks....

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For many years I've supported animal shelters and bird sanctuarys. Sometimes by adopting; sometimes by donating or sponsoring (cyber-adopting) a pet.

One of the saddest sights is the number of unwanted and abused birds in bird sanctuarys. They are especially harmed by years of poor living and some never recover - physically and mentally.

My current bird - a wonderful cockatiel named Taz - called to me from a pet store. Literally. I walked by his cage and he ran back and forth and back and forth screaming for attention. Poor guy had no tail feathers, the worst wing clip I'd ever seen and no crest feathers. My little love, Noodle, a 13 year old cockatiel had died about 2 weeks before and I didn't know if I was ready to bond with another bird but in a week or so I went back and got my sad-looking somewhat featherless buddy.

I have to say Taz took to being loved like a champ despite never having been held - ever. He loves nothing better than having a head scratch, 24 hours a day if I would. His tail is back and so are his wings. His creast is another story. While other cockatiels wear their crests proud and tall, my Tazzy, has quite the mohawk going and seems to like my son's punk rock music. I call him my punk rock-a-teil!

While I do alot of crafts, lately I have been doing alot of pictures of my little punk rockatiel and making bookmarks for friends. They seem to like them a lot so I thought maybe some of you might!

A portion of any profits will be donated to help homeless, abused and abandoned pet birds.

I have them listed at

Taz climbs the alps

Taz being the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

Tazzy hits the road

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Been busy for a change...

I haven't updated in forever...Mostly getting ready for the holidays and feeling generally fat and bloated.

And having a giant bowl of (salty) ramen for lunch didnt help! Or the flu shot I had before the ramen - which is leaving me kind of queasy.

Lately I've been working on photography... I'm going to put most of them behind a cut because they are large - they are work-safe; just big. I imagine they would have a long load time if you still have dial-up!

Trying to catch up with all my friends tonight!

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tazzy's doing well...

Taz seems to be doing well and is making up for having no affection the first few months of his life... he will stick his head under anyones hand to get a head scratch. This is todays head scrath preen fest!

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Smoking shortens your penis...

I found this on Its an anti-smoking commercial from the UK... it was....hmmm....... quite convinicing. if you have a penis, that is :)

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had another CT lung scan this week

I dont know if anyone remembers when i posted around June about my pneumonia? Its when I posted the before and after pics of me... Well I had to go for follow up CT scans after that. The second one in Sept. was much improved but I still had an abnormal scan.... altho it was markedly better and a resolving thing. I was supposed to have another one in Nov. but last week I started to have that same kind of pain i had with the pneumonia and called to doc to try to get it earlier. I couldnt tell if it was back pain - thats also an issue for me - or I was sick again.

I got scared.

Had my scan last week and it was good - hopefully my last. Even tho it wasnt clear the report was minimal residual changes. Im not sure if the changes are permanent like scarring or something or its going to resolve over time. But I was so relieved.

I dont think you can ever have smoked and NOT get scared when facing a lung ct scan.

I feel like i can breathe now.... and relax a bit

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My favorite baby hat so far..

Today I made a rose baby hat and I LOVE it! I know I always say that.... but I really do :)

Rose baby hat
Rose baby hat

Hand loom knit and felted rose baby hat

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Mood ring for blogs and get lucky

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I did get another bird....

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Well... I was visiting pet stores because I was missing Noodle very much and saw a cockatiel (thats what Noodle was)a few weeks ago. He wanted attention SO much... When you walked by he would hop down on the floor and would run back and forth across the front of the bird enclosure trying to get your attention. It was pretty adorable... well I didnt buy him because I wasnt ready and also this birds tail feathers were just a mess... I found out later the other birds were picking on him and pulling out all his tail and crest feathers...

My sister called me last week end and said hes still there. I got so depressed thinking of that sweet bird who only wanted a little attention still in that pet store. Monday I went to buy him... Well, I almost didnt get him because they told me he wasnt hand fed, hand tamed, or had even perched on anyones finger. I asked to see him and in 5 minutes had him on my finger altho he wasnt totally comfortable - it was enough for me to think i could eventually get him comfy.

To make a long story short - His name is taz and he couldnt be any tamer and sweeter :) I dont know what the problem was at the pet store. why they couldnt get him to perch....i dont know...but he is as sweet as any hand raised baby ive ever had or seen

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